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If you manage a relatively large organization’s human resources, you no doubt have used or tried to use software for tracking vacation, sick, PTO, and other time benefits for employees.  Often, this task is difficult and much of your time is spent answering employee queries as to how much there is, when it’s scheduled, whether it got accounted for, and so forth. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) app that tracks, coordinates, and displays time off for organizations.  The app allows for tracking how much time is available to each employee, when time is taken, when it’s scheduled to be taken (such as vacations), and gives the manager total control over what is or isn’t authorized.

The app is relatively easy to use, with most of the work being done in a calendar-style interface.  Employees are set up in the system for tracking and each will receive a login so they can log in to check that their time off is properly recorded (without calling to ask) and to request time off for specific dates, according to how much vacation or other paid leave they have available.

You can give employees ranks which determine their benefits.  So someone of rank 1, for instance, receives 1 week of PTO and 3 sick days a year while someone of rank 4 receives 4 weeks of PTO and 5 sick days per year.  This ranking can also be used to determine who receives priority for requested time off, so someone of lower rank who’s requesting a week of vacation during Christmas would be informed that someone of higher rank has already requested that time and they may not get what they’re asking for, giving them the opportunity to try for a different week.

Sick days can be reported to the system by the manager or the employee, simplifying this task as well.

Basically, AnnualLeave automates many of the tasks that employers often do by hand due to the way payroll or other software that doesn’t handle these things well operate.

AnnualLeave is based in Dublin, Ireland.  Subscriptions start at the free level (10 employees, 1 department, software not branded) up to the corporate level at €199.99.  The site has been in operation since 2005.

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  1. TrishaOsborne

    I guess this application is very useful if you have a big organization and you need your HR department to be on top of the job, but besides that you need professional people that know exactly what they are doing. It's useless to have such software unless you have smart people to handle it. '
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    • adamgollam

      This tracking is indeed something useful, but you have to be careful not to cross certain privacy limits that the employee has. You don't want to play with fire when it comes to laws that protect privacy.
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  2. This kind of application is a must in every company as it will make things much simpler & you can easily automate the process of taking leave & calculating salary

  3. It is without a doubt a good application for HR dept.’s of large companies to have, but for smaller companies it is not necessary

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