Android 4.2 bug loses December from People

The People app in Android 4.2 seems to have lost an entire month.  December is nowhere to be found in the app, so if anyone close to you has a birthday or anniversary you want to remember during the last month of the year.. write it on a paper calendar like it’s the 20th century again.

The new features and look of the updated app in the new OS made users happy, if Web reports are any indication.  At first, nobody noticed that the entire last month of the year – for any year – was gone.  December suddenly ceased to exist in People once Android 4.2 released.  No birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions… nothing could be put into December because the 31-day span was just gone.

Google has said they’re aware of the problem and will issue a fix soon.

This, of course, is good news for forgetful types who can’t even recall a birthday with an app, let alone without one.  You now have an excuse.  “Sorry this is late. I use Android. *shrug”  Between that and no longer being able to harness the brain-boosting power of Twinkies..

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