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Last week, we looked at Quicklytics, a Google Analytics app for the iPhone.  This week, we’re looking at a competitor to that app called Analytics Pro from Blackburn Internet.

The two apps give you the same information – complex or singular breakdowns from Google’s Analytics.  For the site stats junkie on the go, this is a huge boon.  The greatest difference between the two apps is in how the information is presented.

While Quicklytics is for the user who just wants the same basic information and quickly, Analytics Pro is for the power user who really delves into the info.  So while each app is doing the same basic things, their approach is very different and thus their market of users is going to be different too.

Analytics Pro, for the most part, converts what you see on your computer screen when going through Google Analytics to the iPhone.  The screens are compressed, but don’t lose detail and the interface is tuned to the touch screen of the phone as well.

It’s easy to get information overload when delving into your site statistics and marketing and this isn’t filtered through this app.  For many power users, that’s a good thing because information for them is where it’s at.

Even better, you can look at more than one account or profile so if you run several, it’s no problem for this app.  One thing that caught my eye with both apps is how fast they load data too.

The same graphs or information was displayed in about the same time on both apps as well as on my notebook – with the notebook using WiFi and the iPhone using AT&T’s 3G.  So you won’t be left waiting just because you’re mobile.

Either of these apps is a great choice and which you choose will depend largely on what you want from the data.

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