Amazon to begin Sunday deliveries with USPS

Never one to sit back and ignore innovation, Amazon has worked out a deal with the United States Postal Service to make package deliveries on Sundays in two test cities for a new program. Amazon wants to find out if Sunday delivery is popular enough to make it available in cities around the U.S. and, despite the basic failure of the same-day delivery attempt, thinks it’s on to something.

Enough that it recruited an unlikely partner in the USPS to make these Sunday deliveries happen. The USPS, you may know, has been closing Post Offices around the country and downsizing amidst talks of dropping Saturday deliveries as well. Despite that, it’s decided to go in with Amazon on this and begin delivering packages on Sundays in Los Angeles and New York and the program will expand next year into Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Houston as well.

For the customer, if Sunday delivery is available, it will be offered at no additional cost for the shipping, but only for eligible items – namely items that are in a nearby regional warehouse and being shipped by Amazon itself.

The arrangement on the part of the USPS adds these deliveries at a time when they are normally running limited facilities on Sundays regardless, due to the burden of the holiday season on the postal system. It has offered limited package deliveries on Sundays to shippers for years, though few know about or take advantage of it. Normally, it’s reserved for corporate deliveries and comes at a price premium. Neither Amazon nor the USPS have said what the costs to them for this Sunday addition will be.

It’s an interesting idea, but only time will tell whether Amazon is onto something here.

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