Amazon Opens Virtual Pawnshop For Gamers

picture-71Amazon has opened its online trading post to gamers looking to hock old, played out titles.

If anyone needs quick cash, it’s gamers. And god knows they’re online.

Amazon is getting aggressive with its pricing model right from the get-go. And an article actually published on Gamestop’s website exposes Amazon’s pricing as slightly more competitive than the brick and mortar retailer in terms of payment for your old games and the prices for others’ lightly played cartridges. However, a couple of analysts express doubt Amazon poses a threat to Gamestop in that same article.

Why? Apparently gaming message board posters just aren’t patient, and would rather pay (or not receive) a few extra bucks for same-day transactions rather than waiting patiently for the mailman each day.

Amazon is attempting to counter this lack of instant shopping gratification by offering free shipping on games you trade in; just print a shipping label and packing slip, and put your games in the mail.

Amazon just asks that your games are in good condition and each trade-in shipment is for a minimum of $10 in value. Also, Amazon is just accepting cartridge/console games now, and not paying for previously played PC titles. Once your games are received, you’ll get Amazon gift cards instantly deposited in your account, which can be exchanged for games or anything else on the site. That’s right, you send in the latest “Madden” game and use the profits toward a new accordion or a Gallagher-autographed watermelon.

One more thing: Test drive Amazon’s new video game trade-in program by March 19 and get a coupon code for 10 percent off your next purchase.

In an economy when games are often crossed off budgets, Amazon is making it a little more affordable. And even for the casual gamer, shedding 30 old games might be better than for trips down memory lane than pawning that old high school ring.

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  1. Pretty great idea. They should team up with the social network for gamers

  2. Great idea they should team up with social network for gamers Game Friends


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