Amazon Launches A Windowshop For Google Chrome

AmazonGoogle Chrome is one of the latest browsers to become popular. It has already won over lots of fans but it looks to be making big strides in the right direction in other ways as well.

Just as Firefox has apps and add ons you can use, so too does Google Chrome. One of the latest of these apps is Amazon Windowshop, and is an upgrade on from the Windowshop that Amazon made available for iPad. The early indications are that the app will become a huge success among internet users, because it can be adjusted to meet surfers’ specific needs.

Over forty categories of products are available on the Windowshop and it is visually very attractive to look at. There is a search box at the top so it is easy to view, and it presents a pleasant way of looking at numerous products all at the same time. A thumbnail picture of the product is presented along with a title and the current price. Thus it is exceptionally easy to browse for products in Google Chrome by using this neat application from Amazon.

It will be intriguing to find out whether other stores produce something similar to this in the future. Early signs seem to show that this is going to be successful, and that means more potential sales for Amazon as well as a better browsing experience for web users.

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