– Bringing Kindle For The Web A Step Closer

kindle-amazonMost people have heard of the Kindle – a device launched by Amazon that makes it possible to read books on a handheld e-reader. The Kindle has enjoyed good sales thus far, but now Amazon has taken the first step in making it available on an application called Kindle on the Web.

The idea is not to damage the sales of Kindles and their associated e-books, but to strengthen them. Once the Kindle on the Web service becomes available, people will be able to sample an e-book online before taking the decision of whether to buy it or not. There is no need to download any software to do this, so the service is designed to make life easier for those people who like to read a sample before they buy.

The service makes the entire first chapter available to read, and therefore may contribute to sales by getting people hooked by the first part of the book. Customers can then go ahead and buy it for their Kindle device just as they normally would.

The system looks to make the Kindle  accessible to more people, and it also has significant advantages for authors who sign up to use the service. This looks to be another step forward for and the ever developing Kindle market.

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