AlwaysOnPC – A Virtual Computer For Your Own Use

We all have our own desktop (or laptop) computers set up exactly how we like them.  We’ve got all the software we need and all the programs we want and use on a daily basis.

The only problem comes when we are using another computer for some reason. For example if you don’t have your laptop set up in exactly the same way as your desktop, you will end up getting frustrated. This is simply because you don’t have the programs you need on the computer you are using at that moment.

The answer to this is to use AlwaysOnPC. This site calls itself “your virtual computer”. Instead of having your desktop on your desktop (quite literally) you can have it online instead. It is all secure of course, and the beauty of this is that you can access it from any device you want to use.

The system currently supports desktop and laptop computers of the Mac and PC kind, as well as operating for iPads, iPhones and much more besides. As you can see it is a very useful thing to have and it practically eliminates the frustration you get from having different desktops and systems for every device you have.

The system is available to try free of charge for five days on your computer. From then on you will have to pay for it, but you might find it is worth doing so if you constantly switch computers for some reason.

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  1. I have recently gone for this and amazed how good it actually is. Usual its Linux not Windows issues in the mix but not so big a deal as its a virtual desktop environment administered by someone else unlike the issues I personally had trying to maintain Linux distros on netbooks,

    For or a store of your documents you need on the move, basic office docs editing and any e-mail / surfing its perfect and really makes my iPad a PC alternative rather than a netbook alternative, useful on the iPhone too but a little fiddly being so small,


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