Alerts4All Is a Safety Net For Falling Stocks

Recently, it seems many of the websites, trends and applications I’ve reviewed in this space have all been given the same caveat: These are great ideas, but in a flat-lining economy when the family dog sees everyone sharing his kibble, they’re doomed to be poorly timed afterthoughts.

Finally, a new start-up has the fortune of launching right before Noah’s Ark is seen floating down Wall Street…and all that other biblical, post-apocalyptic mumbo jumbo.

Alerts4All is a just-launched stock trading alert application that provides easy-to-use features that the big boy stock sites often lack. And right away, I was impressed with the simple and effective interface, considering eTrade’s chaotic layout is enough to trigger a panic attack in the savviest of users. Trying to find my portfolio on the venerable stock site is like trying to find razorblades in Walgreen’s. It should be easy, but for some reason it’s not. Fast forward 20 minutes later and you’re lost and crying by the one-hour photo counter.

I plugged in my sad-sack Circuit City stock into the Alerts4All virtual ticker – yes I really do own this pathetic penny stock – and was able to program Alerts4All to tell me when it’s price falls 10 percent, when trends manifest, and how to get out when my stock peaks. I can receive these alerts via email, SMS and RSS. (Too bad Alerts4All can’t tell me when the Dutch will buy New Amsterdam for $17 worth of beads and my Circuit City stock.)

As I mentioned up top, in an economy when traders are handling stocks like premature bubble babies, Alerts4All should be able to count on a lot of action from nervous investors and anxious spouses of day traders. Saddle up with your 30-day trial today and breath a little easier.

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