Ajeva – a New Kind of Freelance Marketplace

ajevaFreelance marketplaces are not new to the internet. Sites like Elance, Freelancer and ODesk have been around for a long time and they show no signs of becoming any less popular either.

Now there is a new entrant to the field called Ajeva. The main difference between Ajeva and all the other similar sites that already exist is that Ajeva will take no fees of any kind for their services. The site already has plenty of work listed in various sections, including writing, design, multimedia, admin and many other areas. It’s easy to sign up to use the site, from the point of view of a provider or a buyer.

One thing to note about Ajeva is that some listings take you through to other sites. One notable example was a range of requirements leading through to ODesk. However this may be done to beef up the range of jobs currently available. There are certainly plenty of individual jobs requested from individual buyers on the site as well.

On the surface Ajeva seems to be everything that a freelancer online would want. It gives you the chance to keep all the cash earned from a freelance job, rather than giving a portion of it away for fees or charges. It will be interesting to see how many freelancers use the site, although it is normal for most people to use more than one anyway. It probably won’t dent the business being done elsewhere.

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