Aggreget Consolidates Real News in Real Time

Aggreget Consolidates Real News in Real Time is a news consolidation service where online news sources are compiled and then presented in headline form to the subscriber. It sounds simple and, frankly, overdone, but Aggreget has something different.

Tired of seeing the same news repeatedly, over and over, from various RSS and site news feeds, Aggreget’s founder, Matthew Groves, decided to create a tool to consolidate these stories and then rank them by popularity (how often they’re repeated). That’s where Aggreget is different from the rest.

The idea isn’t complicated and neither is the production. It doesn’t need to be. News stories from various popular RSS feeds (like Digg,, TwitBuzz, and others) are gathered and indexed and then compared for similarities of story (same title, same company names, same information) and then combined into one story and ranked according to how many there were in the combination. As anyone who reads or subscribes to more than one of these sites’ feeds, the same article, word-for-word, is often passed through each of these sites several times.

The website for currently features a side bar of which sites are being indexed and a big lineup of stories, ranked 1-10, with headlines linking to the story itself. Underneath each headline, in small print, is a listing of which sites the story appears on. That’s it. That’s the whole site. I told you it was simple.

The same listing can be subscribed to via Twitter, so you can receive it via email or RSS. I expect Aggreget to become standard fare in future editions of popular RSS readers like Google Reader or others. After all, it’s a great idea whose time has obviously come. Good job, Mr. Groves!

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