After seizure of Silk Road, activists find FBI’s Bitcoin wallet

Activists have identified the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Bitcoin wallet, which has been used to transfer about 26,000 Bitcoins from Silk Road user accounts into federal hands. Activists are now sending political statements and hate mail to the Feds through that Bitcoin account using tiny micro-transactions and public messages.

Last week, Silk Road was raided by federal authorities on suspicion of drug trafficking and other crimes using their Bitcoin exchange. Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht was arrested as part of the sting operation and the government seized about 26,000 Bitcoins in the arrest, all of which were from Silk Road users, not Ulbricht himself – the status of his Bitcoin account is unknown.

Now, activists are sending a message to the federal government using the largely anonymous Bitcoin system to do so. They’ve identified the FBI’s account, into which the Silk Road assets were transferred, and are now committing micro-transactions with poignant political, snarky, and sometimes just rude commentary in the public messages attached.

Over three pages of comments now appear on the alleged FBI account, saying things like this quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes.”

Another common message is “You cannot arrest an idea.” in various verbage.

Many Silk Road users are using the transactions to demand a refund of their accounts, which were not used for illicit purposes. Some point out that there is no way for the government to know what the transactions were actually for unless it was explicitly included in the messages attached.

One may be the most poignant of all, hitting the White House where it hurts: “This page shows how Bitcoin is more transparent than the US government.”


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