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Online advertising networks and Web portals aren’t anything new or exciting, really.  They’ve been around since the Internet went live to the public.  Few, if any, are anything new or special when they appear as startups vying for position in this huge marketplace – which is, basically, the real money behind the Web. is another of these startups, this one based in the UK.  It caters to both advertisers and those who do the advertising (publishers).  The interface is simple, basically opening with a toolbox of icons for different tasks.  Ads can be put together by the advertiser and can go live as soon as funding is in place.  Publishers can see ads and results in real-time and receive immediate alerts when ads go dormant (publisher stops funding).

Everything is in fixed-fee formats, so there’s no worry for advertisers about skyrocketing costs and no need for publishers to suddenly find out their advertising won’t be paid for.   Adphilia takes a 20% cut of the payments paid by advertisers to publishers, which is more than some networks do and less than others.

Many of the payouts (mostly paid via impressions and/or clicks) are pretty well funded, so you won’t be left with any 0.01 cent wonders like you are with some automated systems like AdSense.

Adphilia is based in the UK, but functions world-wide.  Payments to publishers are made through PayPal and advertisers can fund with PayPal or credit cards.  The site is new so the selection of ads is small, but growing.  It’s worth a try, anyway.  Setup is easy and takes about three minutes.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the great review. If anyone wants to join Adphilia make sure you just signup via the site and then add your site.


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