AdEngage Acquired By Technorati

Today, in an all stock transaction, AdEngage was aquired by Technorati.  AdEngage, which is a Los Angeles based advertising company, has only 12 employees.  Technorati, which is based in San Francisco makes the purchase following its August acquisition of BlogCritics.

AdEngage is a site I have extensive use of, and find it to be one of the easiest ways of advertising, and publishing.  The site is completely interactive and in just a minute you can have a publishable ad to use for an advertising campaign.  AdEngage was formed in 2004, and currently has over 4000 sites as customers. The site boasts more then 12 billion ad impressions. The acquisition at first seems odd, since most of AdEngage’s customers are of the adult orientated kind.  To avoid this adult stigma, Technorati will not merge AdEngage into its main service.  They will launch a separate division under their Technorati Media service in the coming weeks.

This is a smart move for Technorati, especially if they can target the 125×125 advertising space for the bloggers.  Back in June, Technorati launched its own ad network, which focused mainly on high-traffic sites.  This acquisition will bring it down to the smaller blogs.

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