Addoway – the Site That Helps You Buy From and Sell to Friends

AddowayBuying and selling is a popular activity online, especially when it comes to websites such as eBay and Amazon. But there are other options available too, and they are particularly worth a look if you distrust buying second hand from sellers on the better known sites.

Addoway uses a social media setting to help inspire confidence when it comes to buying and selling. When you join Addoway you can connect up with Facebook. Your links and contacts on that site will be used to help you use Addoway, giving you the chance to buy items from people you already have a history with on Facebook.

One of the best things about Addoway is that it is easy to gain confidence and knowledge while using the site. You can find out what your friends have been buying on the site, and it is also possible to gain a good idea of the honesty of a seller before you choose to buy anything from them. It takes away a lot of the mystery surrounding the idea of buying online.

In addition sellers can also gain the confidence of people who are looking to buy from them. They could find that their network of friends on Facebook gives them a kind of backing that no other site could provide to begin with. Only time will tell whether Addoway will catch on, but with its connection to Facebook it has a good chance.

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