Achieving Goals Through Noomii

While browsing around the web one day I stumbled upon this website that has since allowed me to get on track with what I want to accomplish. Noomii allows for friends to pair up and put their goals online in view of each other. This allows for two things to happen. The first is for you to actually see progress, and the second is for you to kick your friends butt into doing his. (Or get yours kicked if you’re not up keeping with your goals.)

Since writing goals are a huge part of achieving them this site allows for friends, families, co-workers and whatever other kind of relationships you can think of to monitor each others goals. I’ve found this useful for my girlfriend and me to stay on the same page while accomplishing things together. For the short time we’ve been doing it, it’s allowed us to stay accountable for what we want and how we want to get it.

The site has future plans to bring in life coaches for people to work with to help achieve their goals and dreams as well. Normally life coaches run a substantial amount, however, the site will probably offer it at an affordable price. Their other plans are also to allow users that are complete strangers with similar goals to pair off as well. The best part about Noomii is that it’s free so go try it out. There’s no harm in trying to better yourself and your friends for free.

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