Accident Sketch – Impress Your Insurance and the Judge

accidentsketchYou know how in the movies and on TV whenever there’s a lawsuit that involves cars, they always have an expert with a big layout of the street who positions vehicles on it and shows how skid marks and vehicle dynamics came into play?  Ever wish you could do that?

Well, with AccidentSketch, you can.  It’s an online app that allows users to build the diagram, from the street to the vehicles involved, using basic templates.  You can ad vehicles, color them to match reports (yellow, red, etc.) and label them as you wish.

So if you’re in an accident where some doof runs a stop sign and rams your doors, you can draw it out quickly for the insurance company (and your Facebook, of course).

AccidentSketch is free to use, but seems to have been created as someone’s hobby or for fun.  It’s parent company is ClaimMS, which briefly mentions AccidentSketch as a part of its Web 2.0 suite.  AccidentSketch, however, has no contact information, community forum, or apparent support base.

Regardless, the app is simple and fun to use.  It doesn’t require a login or any information either.  You can just click to start building an accident scene and then begin drawing it.  Finished scenes can be saved to your computer and printed or emailed.

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  1. InceptingReality

    Wow! That's pretty good!

  2. BartonFink42

    I have come across auto insurance quote companies offering this service in case of an accident, I think it is a great idea and I wish more technology like this would be used in the justice system.

  3. Your article is really helpful!


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