7 Great iPhone Apps for Kids

Maybe buying your child their own iPhone isn’t a good idea in your mind, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy the mobile while you’re driving, riding the train, or otherwise engaged in things kids find boring.  In fact, the iPhone can even be a learning tool.

It can be a fun, new thing for your child to try and it can help eliminate headaches during long drives and waits.  Here are 7 fun applications for entertainment and learning that you can load on your iPhone to keep the little ones busy.

Bookworm – is a word-finding game similar to Scrabble, but with a Tetris-like twist.  It’s an engaging game that will have school-aged children (and adults) working hard to find and spell words based on academic themes like history and science.

Brain Tooth – this is a mind-building tool.  While it’s meant for adults, older children will find it challenging too.  Most of the questions are mathematical or puzzle-oriented with some fill-in-the-blank puzzles thrown in too.

Grover’s Number Special – featuring one of the favorite Sesame Street characters, this app features Grover teaching kids to count and do simple math.  Elmo and Big Bird apps are on the way soon.

iSpy (The Best of iSpy) – similar to “Where’s Waldo?” for older kids, this simpler version is for younger ones where the child looks for a specific image inside a larger image and highlights the item(s) to get to the next level.

iSteam – this mimics the steam on a foggy window or bathroom mirror on the phone’s screen.  Kids can use their fingers to draw in the steam just like they would in real life.  Turn the phone around and watch vapor droplets slide down the screen.  Blow on the mic to “refog” and draw again!

MiniPiano – this app displays one octave of a keyboard and let your child get musically creative.  Chords, single notes, and more can all be played on this one and using the record button can record the song, including singing if your child happens to sing along with their playing.

Voice Toddler Cards – made for the little ones, this app shows pictures of objects and things and a voice names them out loud.  The written name of the simple objects are also included.  This is a good language association and even spelling tool for small children.

So the next time you’re going on a long trip or waiting in line at the DMV with your child, why not bust out the iPhone and play a game together to while away the time?

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