10x Camera Tools Pro and Photo Makeover for the iPhone

Two applications from Reallusion, an iPhone app developer, can help you maximize your photos and pictures.  The apps, 10x Camera Tools Po and Photo Makeover, are available in the iTunes AppStore.

10x Camera Tools Pro is a complete suite of simple, but must-have tools to improve your iPhone’s camera performance, your own picture-taking ability, and a better way to organize and find photos in your galleries.  The ten tools include the ability to create albums, tags, and ad notes to photographs, save with geo-tags, and share them via several popular online venues.

The camera stabilizer and light filters are definitely useful for the often-shaky or badly-lit photographs the iPhone can take.  Sharing tools for Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and email are all very nice too.  If you save a lot of photos to your phone, then the search, tag, and notes additions are definitely useful as well.

Photo Makeover is geared mostly towards improving face shots.  Think of it as a fashion model’s makeup team in iPhone form.  It’s a photo editor with enhancements for touching up facial features, blemishes, and so forth.  It takes some time to master, but the practice is fun because some of the results can be hilarious.  Moving jawlines and enlarging or shrinking eyes are just some of the cool tweaks this app allows.

Both apps are available now.  10x is recommended if you’re a real photo-phile on the iPhone while Photo Makeover is good if you do a lot of celebrity-style photo shooting or just want to be sure every picture of you comes out a Glamor Shot.

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