0ghost – Did You Know You’re Surrounded by Ghosts?

This is a unique iPhone app that is also fun.  No matter where you are, even at home or in your office, you are probably surrounded by ethereal ghosts you cannot see with your naked eye.  But your iPhone can see them.  Assuming you have the 0ghost app, that is.

0ghost is a ghost hunting tool that lets you find the ghosts around you by pointing your iPhone’s camera around the room.  Be careful, though, because the ghosts know when you’ve spotted them and they’ll move closer.  If they get to you, they’ll systematically drain your life energy.

Lucky for you your iPhone also has an ethereal plasma ray that takes ghosts out as soon as they’re hit.  Much more efficient than the old-tech rays the Ghostbusters used.  Bill Murray will be jealous.

The game is difficult and relies on the iPhone’s motion and orientation sensors to track your movements as you battle the shadows around you.  Watch out that your plasma cannon doesn’t overheat and make sure to target and move, target and move or you’ll be toast.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret: watching someone else play this game is actually more fun than playing it yourself.  I’m sure that videos of the gyrations of 0ghost players will hit YouTube any time now.

The game itself can be pretty intense and fast-moving (literally).  If you have physical problems like a bad back or get motion sickness easy, this might not be the game for you.  If you are looking for a way to replace your Suzanne Summers workout tapes, 0ghost might be it.  Plus, it’s way cheaper than a Wii Fit.

This game is both addicting and sweaty.  Stay hydrated.

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