Timecamp: Analyzing Productivity

picture-61Time tracking, productivity monitoring, and the general overseeing of employees’ use of time is usually one of the basic tasks of middle management. Whether you’re overseeing one employee or a hundred, you likely need to somehow track and analyze their time and productivity on the job.

Timecamp is a time tracking and analytic tool, which is nothing new to the world. These kinds of tools are almost as ubiquitous as the ever-increasing numbers of to-do list managers out there.

Timecamp offers the usual tracking, graphing, and monitoring of the overall work habits of picture-71employees. The basic time clock and monitor works in a couple of ways: first, employees “clock in” (often by signing onto their computer) and then Timecamp watches them in the background while they work.

A small app notes their task switching, pauses, and other activities and builds an overall statistical impression of each user’s habits. These can be graphed, analyzed, and used to evaluate what kinds of performance issues need to be solved or could be streamlined for better productivity.

While these tools can be useful, Timecamp isn’t much different than most similar tools already on the market. Often, these tools are over-used by managers who don’t seem to realize how much of their own time is spend analyzing the time used by others. For the single-person shop, though, Timecamp could be a useful tool for tracking multiple projects in order to more easily time-track and bill clientele.

Timecamp is a fairly fresh startup and is free to use for single user accounts. Honestly, though, it’s my opinion that much better solutions exist out there for this—solutions that might be a little less invasive.

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  1. employee monitoring solutions are indeed invaded the market, but, we have to understand that there is a growing need for them. with all this economic situation the need for improving productivity is higher and higher

  2. I prefer to use offline employee monitoring software like work examiner (

  3. I prefer to use offline employee monitoring software like work examiner (

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