Miami to host its first-ever Bitcoin Conference in January

Miami will see its first-ever Bitcoin Conference on January 25 and 26, 2014, where you can learn about the latest in digital currency technologies and concepts. The conference will closely model itself after the European conferences that have been such blockbusters. The non-profit event will be two days long and focus on presentations in the TEDTalks format, along with panelists and more all discussing the cryptocurrency market and its future.

Yes, currencies like Bitcoin can be used to make purchases at the event.

Full conference tickets are $150 and single day passes are $100.  You can reserve your spot here.

Whatever your thoughts on these alternative currencies and their uses/implications, the conference is an important one for you to attend. All proceeds beyond the costs of the conference will be donated to charities and startups to further the community-style support that Bitcoin and similar operations work to foster.

The conference itself is international in scope, but local in flair and focus. Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are international, but the Miami-based event will focus on how it can be utilized for those in the U.S. and Florida specifically. With our thriving technological base here, we became a perfect spot for the latest Bitcoin Convention.

There will be plenty for traders, developers, investors, and more to learn at this event. Experts who utilize cryptocurrencies and their markets and technologies will be there to talk about what they know. People who are behind the various technologies will also be there, explaining how it works.

See you there!

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