HomeRoutines – Easily Build Routines for Home Chores on Your iPhone

To-Do lists are great and most everyone uses them.  Some of us write things on a marker board, others on Post-Its, some on their hands, and some on often-forgotten Web applications.  For those who need a good place to track their home maintenance and cleanup routines, and get gold stars for effort, there’s HomeRoutines for the iPhone.

This app is basically ridiculous..er.. Ridiculously basic I mean.  It’s a simple to-do list at the outset, but has a few extras to match the home “chores” routine and it allows you to break up chores into parts too, so if you have two loads of laundry to do, you can mark one for the morning and one for afternoon and ahve them appear as separate tasks.  Plus, tasks renew on a timed basis, so your daily chores will refresh every day while weekly or monthly ones will refresh at that rate.

A continual list of your accomplishments to-date will keep you motivated and feeling like you’re doing something and tapping a chore as complete slaps on a nice gold star to mark it off.  You can add on-off items for the day and unfinished items can be carried over to the next day.  Not that you would slack off like that.  Right?

If you have a spouse who’s always hounding you with the honey-do list, you can triumphantly hold the phone to her as you click off the task so she (or he) can hear the “look at me, I’m the best” music that plays.

This app is definitely worth the effort and is a great way to organize your home life to keep yourself on task.

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    pretty good app, my friend is using, but I rather choose ,,Plan” app. It could do much more, and is more simple and quicker to use. All tasks in one view, also sync with google web calendar. Awesome


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