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There seems to be a trend, which may be foretelling the future of mail. This trend is the processing of regular paper-based mail (snail mail) that’s delivered door-to-door and business-to-business every day and putting it online into electronic form. Earth Class Mail has a unique plan and has the power of Microsoft behind them to see it through.

When you sign up for Earth Class Mail, you get an online “PO Box,” which translates to a physical address in any one of 19 cities nationally. Your mail is received at this location for you, securely handled and scanned, and the scanned envelope is placed online into your virtual mailbox. You then go through the mail, choosing which ones to open and scan for reading, which ones to physically forward to you (unopened or open), and which ones to send to the recycler (shredded, of course).

You can archive electronic copies of all mail, download these archives for backup or on-site storage, and numerous other things. All without having to set up and employ your own mail room, mail handling procedures, or even have a central office. Many offices today are running virtually, with one location acting as “hub” for mail and communications, but with employees andlogo partners scattered nationally or globally. For individuals with a lot of mobility to their work, having a single address that never changes is another big bonus. These situations becoming more common are what is driving this next evolution in mail.

Plans can be set up easily and start at $9.95/month and it’s about the same as opening a UPS Store or FedEx/Kinko’s mailbox. They can receive any paper mail you want sent, from bills to purchase orders to contracts and more. Any delivery, including FedEx or DHL can be accepted as well.

While this kind of idea is in its infancy, of the few services similar to this I’ve seen so far, Earth Class Mail seems to have their act together more so than the others. The site is simple and straight-forward, including all the USPS forms you’ll need to fill out to authorize mail delivery to them, and best of all, it can be a way to lower your overall corporate footprint.

All mail that is sent to the shredder or marked for extinction at Earth Class Mail is processed by them for recycling, thus turning that wasted paper into more useful paper products, saving some trees in the process. Earth Class Mail claims to be recycling over 90% of the mail they receive.

Definitely a startup worth watching. It will be interesting to see how this new evolution in postal mail improves and adapts as the old snail mail system is slowly phased out.  Many of you might know this company from the MOJO TV show Start-up Junkies

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  1. mattspizza

    I use a similar type service for bills.

  2. I love that Earth Class is doing so much recycling! It really is a great idea.

    Also If you are to need parcels forwarded internationally, not just mail, check out a company called .

  3. Seems like these guys are coming of age. I saw the Mojo HD show and thought, “man do they seem hectic,” which you'd expect from a business that nobody ever even TRIED before. Seems like it's coming together for them, though it's got to be hard to hustle VC in this market.

    It won't seem like such a quirky plan when a state backed post buys up all or part of them.

    • It kind of cracked me up during the episodes how they were deciding who to take the money from at that VC presentation show they went to. I wish I had VC's trying to give me money for my endeavors!

  4. John B

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  5. John B

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