Bill On Site – Use Your Smart Phone to Send Invoices

billonsite-comIf you’re a mobile professional or tradesperson who bills for services after completing an on-site job, you’re probably used to lots of hand-written notes, vague guesses as to what the timing was, and other hassles.  While some professionals have taken to using their smart phone to set a “timer” to count their time on a job site, or use scribbled notes in their PDA to (hopefully) remember some details, few use their smart phones or PDAs to actually create, track, and send invoices. is a service trying to do just that.  The service allows any Web-enabled phone to log in and create, edit, ad to, or issue invoices.

Once you’ve created an account, you can create client lists, pre-filled invoices with basic information, or invoice templates for easy fill-in later.  Then, while on-site or after just completing a job, you can fill out the invoice in total and even offer to email or send one to the client immediately upon completion, while still there talking to them.

Outside of the invoice creation and issuing, the site has most of the basic billing features you’d expect from simple accounting software.  It tracks invoices, sends reminders, and shows you at a glance the past due, currently due, and paid invoices.

The BillOnSite app is easy to use and relatively straight forward.  The mobile app is well done for most phones with a decent screen.  Every account includes a free 30-day trial and prices start at $15/month for a basic account (25 invoices/month).

BillOnSite launched November 1 and is a project of Dan Hulton.

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  1. Frank C. Tannehill

    I only got myself a smart phone because everyone at the office had one. So I'm discovering new functions everyday. I'm so thrilled I can use my phone to send invoices. Thanks to you now I know how to do it too. Thank you so much for the article!

  2. Smartphone for office use is very nice tools its functions make things easy in Office.


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